USA Retrospective


So a lot has happened since this vagrant last made an entry into his online journal. The lack of updates does not mean that I have found a ditch to settle down in just yet. Rather, it means that so many places, faces and disgraces passed by that from one experience to the next there was little time for reflecting back before the senses were overwhelmed by new impressions.

Now that I find myself back in familiar surroundings it\s time to finally look back on the past few months.


Cincinnati & Middletown, Ohio


I spent the better part of a week visiting family in Middletown outside of Cincinnati. Highlights Include a trip into town visiting Findlay Market and the Rhinegeist Brewery as well as the gigantic grocery store Jungle Jim’s.



Chicago, Illinois


The largest city I visited during my trip through the Americas. Despite its size Chicago proved to be fairly friendly for a vagrant on foot and easy to navigate.

I played a lot of pinball at the arcade bar The Emporium, visited some art museums and the Chicago Zoo. 

Pizzas and Chicago hot dogs aplenty were had.



Omaha & North Platte, Nebraska


Visiting more family set me on a west bound route across the entirety of the state of Nebraska. Omaha proved to be a pleasant mid sized american city. Christmas was spent in the town of North Plattehome of Buffalo Bill although he appeared to be on vacation. The great plains proved to be excellent for wanderings though looking out from the windows of the greyhound bus as i was leaving the state made me think more of lunar expeditions. 



Denver, Colorado


2015 turned into 2016 in the mile high city. Where I celebrated the arrival of a new year of aimless drifting in the company of local stalwarts Slim Cessna’s Auto Club who had returned from a perilous polar expedition to entertain the crowds, locals and out of town vagrants alike.



I took refuge from the cold in the newly opened Funkhaus chillout pad spent the days exploring Denver and also got to go on short wintertime hike in the mighty rocky mountains.



New Orleans, Louisiana


Escaping from the bitter cold I boarded a plane and returned down to the south. Mardi Gras was still a few weeks away but i arrived in town as the carnival season started with the Krewe of Joan of Arc parade through the French quarter.

Besides parades New Orleans offers great food, drinking, old architecture and more drinking. I survived the pub crawl relatively unscathed, others were not so lucky.



While laundering my few pieces of clothing i also came across a few pieces of wisdom on handwritten notes pinned to the walls of the local laundromat.

New Orleans - Laundromat Philosophy 2
When I was a young boy
New Orleans - Laundromat Philosophy
I’m just lonely


Memphis, Tennessee


After my only experience riding the american railways i stepped off the train in Memphis. While immortalized in song Beale street certainly did not blow me away paling in comparison to Bourbon street in New Orleans. I spent most of my time in the Cooper-Young district. Also visited one of the worlds most famous tourist traps Graceland!




Finally I made my way back to Chattanooga where I had originally started my journey. Here I spent my final weeks in the states in the company of good friends before I had finally had to head towards Atlanta airport before my 90 days were up and and I would turn from legal vagrant to illegal alien.


Now What?


And thus ends the american part of the travelogue. But not to worry there will be much more coming in the near future as i prepare to embark on new adventures.Upwards & Onwards!


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