A walk through Germantown, Ohio

Welcome to Germantown sign

Welcome to Germantown signGermantown is a small town located in between Cincinnati and Dayton.

I spent the better part of a day walking over there from Middletown only to realize that while the town center certainly is pretty, there simply isn’t a whole lot for a vagrant to actually do in Germantown.

There are a few streets worth of pretty buildings such as the historic Florentine Hotel & Restaurant


Germantown Florentine Hotel

After a few photos opportunities I sampled one of Germantown’s rather limited dining options, enjoying an omelette at KJ’s while eavesdropping on the conversation of a few of the local grandmas at the table next to me. Christmas planning, not one detail left to chance….

After that i beat a hasty retreat along the country roads back to Middletown. The dogs of the local residents greeting me around every bend and turn of the road. Another exciting day in the life of this vagrant.


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