Pinatubo Brewing point – An oasis for beer lovers in Angeles

Pinatubo Brewing point taps

Arriving in Angeles the Cities reputation as a former airforce base and current nightlife hub might be the only thing that you have heard of. But Angeles and the Pampanga region has a lot more to offer for a travelling and thirsty vagrant. By Philippine standards Angeles is actually a very well organized and easily navigable city.

One place worth a visit for those looking for a excellent beer in a calm and relaxed environment away from the neon lit bar district is the Pinatubo Brewing Point. This small brewery and brewpub is run by a German brewer and has been brewing beer according to the German purity laws in Angeles since 2015.

By the time of our visit in July 2017 they offer 9 different beers on tap and a further 2 Special varities only available in bottle. They have a full selection of everything from wheat beers to German style bock beer.

There is a bit of a craft beer revolution going on the Philippines at the moment and new breweries have been popping up all over the country the last few years.

What sets the Pinatubo Brewing Point craft brewery apart from others is it’s unpretentious presentation and affordable prices. Most craft beer sells at 4 times or more the price of the regular San Miguel beer that enjoys a nearly total market dominance. This restricts it’s appeal strictly to foreigners and young Filipino professionals with money to spend.

Meanwhile at Pinatubo one can enjoy a quality small scale beer on tap starting at a mere 50 pesos for a 300 ml draft. This is no more that you pay for a San Miguel Pale Pilsen in most bars and less than you’d pay for a beer in most of the bars in Angeles nightlife district.

Pinatubo Brewing Point Menu
Pick your poison

How about the beers?

At our visit we tried the Sunset Wheat and the Dark Angel which is a dark lager.  Which are both fairly mild but delicious beers well suited for a social drinking session in Brewing points relaxed bar. We also bought two bottles for takeaway opting for two of the more heavier options the Magma Bock and the Brainstorm IPA.  Both are warming beers more suited for slow sipping on a cool evening rather than quaffing in the Philippine daytime heat. You can check out my tasting notes on the Brainstorm IPA in the video:

Be aware that for takeaway bottles there is a 15 peso deposit per bottle so to get the price on the menu you have to bring the bottle back.

How to get there?

To get to this wonderland of cheap and delicious beer you must head away from Walking street and travel westwards along Don Juico Ave. towards the are known as Korean Town. You can either take an overpriced trike or simply ride the yellow Jeepney route from frienship terminal. This will save you a hundred peso better spent on beer.

Once you see the Chosun Chicken restaurant you can get off , turn left and walk 50 meters down Mekong road. Second road on the right is Yukon street where Brewing point is located. Enjoy your drink and pub grub and thank me by leaving a comment or subscribing to my budding Youtube Channel!


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