6 months adrift in the Philipppines – Observant Vagrant

Observant Vagrant


So the vagrancy got the better of me once again and there’s been a distinct lack of of updating in the chronicles of this vagrant.

Sure there’s been the odd funny picture posted on the vagrant facebook page and a shaky video or two. But it is time to make more of an effort to build this chronicle into something memorable and entertaining.

After 6 months  I have seen quite a few places and met friends old and new across this country. I have traveled from Manila in the North to Bohol in the south and from Leyte in the east to Panay in the west. Yet there are still many places left to see. Currently I’m in the middle of my second stint residing in Cebu city.


Observant Vagrant


Vagrant observations Osmena Peak
Knowingly observing the Philippine landscape.


So having been here such a long would surely make me an expert of all things Philippines, right? Well perhaps not but I’d like to think that I am in the process of developing my own personal brand of stupid foreigner ignorance.

Here are some cultural peculiarities I have noticed while drifting around the Philippine archipelago:

  • Many Philippine jeepney and taxi drivers are actually werewolves. You can tell this because they frequently scent mark their territory by urinating on their own vehicles.
  • The Filipino people are the hobbits of south east Asia. Not because of short stature but because of their tendency to always carry a full assortment of pies on international flights.
  • When shopping at grocery store it’s an ancient Filipino custom to bring at least two extra items to the cashier that you don’t actually intend to purchase. This helps in satisfying any temporary shopaholic impulses while conserving ones wallet.

I will post more nuggets of collected ignorance in the future as I stumble across them.

The road ahead

Firstly though I will without much reflection whatsoever share a bunch of my old crappy vacation pictures.

Coming up in the next few days will be some pictures and some short recollections from Masbate, Ceu, Bohol, Negros, Panay & Leyte.

I will soon hit the road again and work my way back to the Handsome Metropolis also known as Manila. I hope you will come along with me on the way and follow my misadventures!


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