A new start for the Vagrant One

Eat well Travel often

The vagrant one has been missing in action for quite some time.

The Vagrant One on a Scooter

Adrift in a foreign country, the day to day minutiae took precedence over adding blurry travel photos to a blog with visitors few and far between.

After some months slaving away as a freelance writer wearing out my fingers writing about fascinating subjects like sun tan lotion and company goodie bags I feel a longing to once again get started on creating something a tad more personal. But as a professional vagrant with two years of experience under my belt I have gained enough self knowledge to know that a new direction and a greater deal of discipline is required for my online chronicles.

So for the vagrant one to succeed in the digital community I have to take a good look at the competition out there and find my own little space in the crowded space of cyberspace.

So where do I feel I can contribute?

The competition

There are many blogs and YouTube channels focusing on the expat lifestyle and the digital nomad moving their ones and zeros throughout the world. These creators will teach you all you need to know to embrace the freedom that a nomadic lifestyle can bring. However besides posting lovely pics of expensive laptops carelessly being exposed to saltwater and sand on some exotic beach they do little to actually show you what makes a nomadic lifestyle worthwhile.

I have of course listened to none of their advice.

In the Philippines where I am currently residing there has been an explosion in the expat community on YouTube and on blogs. For those looking on advice about everything you need to know to successfully settle in the Philippines knowing advice from a sweaty, grizzled expat on everything from visa extensions to motorcycle purchases is just a quick search away. But the typical expat bloggers will usually post one of two types of content:

  1. Practical Advice: How to extend visa or how to find an apartment. Useful if you are planning to settle here, not so thrilling if you are not.
  2. Personal Diaries: Either giving an insight to the daily life of an expat or showing visits to interesting travel destinations. The Philippines has an almost unlimited amount of places to live and explore so this category still has a lot left to offer.

I have of course listened to none of their advice.


Introducing Digital Vagrancy

So I have been travelling around for the better part of two years and still has yet to learn much of practical use. I have thus decided to instead focus on the more fun part of living the expat lifestyle. Under the umbrella of digital vagrancy i hope to help those interested explore not how to live as an expat but what makes it worth it in the first place.

So the focus will be exploring the quirks and perks of living abroad in the Philippines and beyond. I will share my experiences and thoughts on the places I have visited and the things i have encountered. Hopefully I can entertain those that come across my ramblings.

  • Mondays: Weekly blog/vlog over at the Vagrant one YouTube Channel, this will be a video combined with a blog post here. This can be on any topic that I find worthy of investigation.
  • Thursdays: Short image or video post on various random themes. In short I take a lot of photos or videos that might not make any sense. When put together they might make more sense than anticipated.
Eat well Travel often
Eat Well Travel often – perks of a vagrant lifestyle

So if you want to follow my journey be sure to bookmark my page, subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow the Facebook page. There will be a lot more going on in the future!



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