Leyte – Ormoc Memorial & Lake Danao

During my first visit to the island of Leyte two of the highlights was the somber memorial site at Ormoc public cemetery and the gorgeous lake Danao.


Ormoc & the flash flood memorial

I arrived In Leyte at the port city of Ormoc. The city itself is not exactly loaded with tourist attractions but it’s a friendly enough place and their beach walk is nice for an evening stroll. I stayed at David’s Inn, which comes recommended for those looking for basic accommodation in Ormoc.

Ormoc cemetery has a somber monument to the victims of the flash flood caused by the tropical storm Thelma in 1991 which decimated the city, causing vast property damage and around 5000 casualties.

ormoc flashflood monument
A soul reaching towards the sky

Lake Danao

The lake is situated about a 45 minute jeepney ride northeast of the city. I hopped onto a jeepney  near the port area, If in doubt just ask the locals about which jeepney to take. I had to wait a good while since the driver won’t leave until the jeepney fills up. This is all part of the genuine Filipino experience an it provided me a good opportunity to check out some local fruits and other delicacies. Crammed into the jeepney, smelling the armpits of your fellow passengers you are a sitting duck for the local vendors so better take it in good stride and stock up on snacks.

Once my jeepney rolled out of the city I was treated to some lovely views of rural Leyte during my uphill journey.

after arriving and registering and paying a small entrance fee at the local tourism office, I eagerly headed down to the lake. I spent a lazy hour picnicking on a raft in the middle of the lake.

As you can see from my photos the views at lake Danao are quite serene.

Afterward I once again had to rely on the knowledge of locals as transportation options back to Ormoc are quite limited. This time I had to ride back together with the little Juans and Juanitas on their way home after their school day.

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