Isaw: the sign

Raceng pegeon

English in the Philippines is complicated.

Unlike the “Engrish” of countries like Japan or China, where English is given the Jackson Pollock treatment resulting in truly random yet often hilarious gibberish, Filipino English is often spoken at quite a high level.

However, just because the average level of English comprehension is higher than in most of southeast Asia it in no way means the country is free of extremely dodgy English.

In what will hopefully be a recurring series I will sort through the intestines of some of the more interesting signs I have found and photographed through my travels in an attempt to discover a hidden, deeper meaning.

I have chosen to call this series Isaw: the Sign

1. RACENG Pegeon

Raceng pegeon

This homemade sign with equally homegrown spelling raises many questions.

The first is which order to read it in. Does it read:

“RACENG Pegeon 4 SALE”


“RACENG 4 Pegeon SALE”?


To be fair otherwhere on the building “racing” was correctly spelled though “pegeon” remained the same.

Little known fact is that pigeon racing is a fast growing sport in many Asian countries and the worlds biggest competitions are held in Taiwan.  Personally I’d much rather be a raceng pegeon than the Philippine most famous feathered athlete; the fighting cock.




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