The Haunting of Lamanoc island

Lamanoc island Cave paintings

After seeing and exhibit about the cave paintings of Lamanoc Island during my visit to Tagbilarans Museum I felt a mysterious force pulling me relentlessly towards the tiny island sitting on the eastern tip of Bohol .

After some time soaking up the sun at Anda beach I headed towards the reportedly haunted place.

A 20 minute bus ride and a short walk got me to the starting point of the tour. After paying for my tour and signing the guest book I was guided down a bridge through thick mangroves and ferried over to the island by canoe.

My guide took me around the island for about an hour and a half sharing me many stories about curious events that he witnessed on Lamanoc island. I saw the faint red rock paintings. According to my guide they had faded noticeably during the 15 years he had been leading tours there.

I also got to see places were locals still hold rituals and offer up sacrifices to the spirits as well as burial jars and bone chests.

Below are some of the pictures i took during my tour. I have edited out all the ghostly apparitions so as to not unnecessarily frighten my readers.



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