Gone to Sorsogon –

Paguriran Lagoon

After a couple of months Living under the shadow of the curse of Mayon in Legazpi I took to the road again. A short hop, skip and non air-con bus ride south east of Legazpi lies Sorsogon; the southernmost province of Luzon.

The capital of Sorsogon city provides all the comforts of a big Philippine city such as heavy traffic, pollution and a lack of sidewalks with a smaller city’s charm and lack of facilities.

Aside from whale shark watching in Donsol which is mostly accessed from Legazpi the rest of the province does not get many tourists. This does not mean that Sorsogon is not worth a visit however. I spent a couple of days travelling around the Sorsogon countryside by hopping on Jeepneys from town to town. I saw some beaches, charming little towns and had a dip in one of the local hot springs.  While I missed some of the more spectacular sights that can be found around the Bulusan Volcano I had good time away from the big cities.

I also tried my hand at some travel video making, grossly underestimating the amount of footage needed to put together a compelling travel video. But I still managed to stitch it together and electroshock it to life through the wonders of video editing.


At the time of writing I have moved on upwards Luzon to Naga city. The road ahead is long and uncertain but one thing is sure. There will be more misadventures to follow!

Pictures from the road

The sights


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